What would you like to know about Children's Incontinence?

All children over 3 are dry at night, aren’t they?

Find out the truth

This area contains information and advice about incontinence, bed wetting and day wetting in children. We’ve tried to gather everything you might want, based on the questions we’re asked most often. However, if you need to find out more about how bladder weakness affects older children or those with disabilities visit the area on looking after loved ones.

  • Fact... or Fiction?

    There are a few myths surrounding incontinence in children. Take our quick, easy quiz and you may learn some surprising facts. Perhaps you have some misconceptions you weren’t aware of.

  • What causes bladder weakness in Children?

    Did you know that by age ten, 1 in 15 children are still bed wetting? Find out more about the causes of incontinence, including disability and day wetting.

  • What you can do to help

    From bed wetting alarms to cutting down on fluids before bedtime, there are many ways you can help your child begin to feel in control.

  • Best care solutions

    The products you choose can make a big difference not just to the comfort and wellbeing of your child but can potentially make your role as carer a little bit easier too.

  • Caring more needn’t cost more

    Enjoy more quality time with your children. Find out all the ways TENA products can help you provide better care.

  • Learn about your treatment options

    Information on techniques, products and medicines that may help your child gain bladder control.

  • Your questions

    Here you’ll find a list of questions we often get asked by parents and carers. See if yours are answered here.

  • Useful links

    We’ve searched the internet for the sites we believe are the most authoritative and helpful.