Caring more needn’t cost more

Achieving the best possible care

The most important part of good continence care for children is to ensure both their physical and emotional comfort and the key to this is dryness. Sitting on a damp product or waking to a damp mattress is not just physically uncomfortable, it can also heighten a child’s sense of embarrassment or shame leading to unnecessary anxiety.

So what’s the secret to best possible continence care?

  • Rapid absorption away from the skin means no uncomfortable dampness on the skin
  • Less dampness means less risk of skin irritation – particularly if your child has to sit or lie down for long periods due to disability or injury.
  • Fewer leaks mean less fear of embarrassment for your child.
  • Fewer leaks mean no waking up on a damp mattress
  • Fewer leaks mean fewer night time disturbances for you and your child
  • Fewer leaks mean fewer intrusive changes for your child and less laundry
  • Small, discreet, silent products help your child feel normal and safe from discovery 
  • And, fewer leaks usually means you will get through considerably fewer products so you can give better care and reduce the number of products you use, making good economic sense too.

In the end, the aim is to ensure that incontinence doesn’t interfere unnecessarily with the physical comfort or emotional confidence of the child in your care.

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