Practical tips for parents

Here are some useful tips on how to manage your child's bladder weakness we've collected from parents, nurses and teachers.

Tip 1 – Make some practical changes. You could place the bed linen cupboard in the child’s room so they’re handy in the middle of the night when you’re sleepy. Also, keep an extra duvet ready (since it’s not only the sheets that get wet.)

Tip 2 - Invest in products to protect the mattress, such as an undersheet or underpad.  And ensure any dirty linen is quickly removed for laundry. If you’d like to see what’s available visit the park’s product pavilion.

Tip 3 - If your child is having friends round, just check the bed is clean so your child won’t be embarrassed in front of their friends. And, if your child is worried about an accident in front of friends, wearing a protective pant with odour control will help them to relax and enjoy their play date to the full.

Tip 4 – Managing sleepovers
Invest in a washable sleeping bag. You could then put a TENA product in there (or in the pyjamas within it) so they can change when inside the bag. They can then leave the product there afterwards when they wake up.

Tip 5 – Managing odour
Odour can raise suspicions so it’s good to use purpose made pads or pull-ups that can neutralise unwanted odour.

Tip 6 – When you go to bed, wake your child up so they can go to the toilet. If they are unable to last the whole night this will establish a routine so they can empty the bladder part way through their night’s sleep and save your sleep.

Tip 7 – If you’re going to see the doctor with your child, call ahead to discuss the situation. That way you won’t have to discuss a detailed history in front of your child and embarrass them unnecessarily. All three of you can then have an open and straightforward discussion without talking over the child’s head.