Experience the difference TENA can make for you and your child

In order to develop the best products for children and their carers, we needed to understand both the physical and emotional needs involved. So we’ve drawn from our company’s entire knowledge base, including our Libero nappy brand, to develop a full range of products for all your child’s needs.

Appearances can mean a lot to children. That’s why we’ve ensured that our incontinence products don’t leak, don’t smell, don’t rustle and are invisible under clothes. Most important of all, they won’t make your child feel like a baby.

For parents the priority is to protect their young ones’ health and confidence. That’s why it matters so much that our children's bladder weakness protection doesn’t leak. Not only is delicate young skin protected, but changing, disposal and laundry are minimised too, reducing costs.

But don’t just take our word for it - see for yourself how our products work.

Why TENA is great for kids and their carers

Keeps kids confident and safe wherever they go

Discreet protection – for their peace of mind and yours

No need to worry about telltale odours

Perfectly shaped for ease of changing

Minimises skin problems, especially for those seated or lying down for long periods