How TENA can help you and your loved one

It may be possible to get your loved one’s bladder protection reimbursed through the health service.

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By giving your loved one the best available incontinence protection, you’ll make a huge difference to their overall comfort and wellbeing. You could also find that protection tailored to your loved one’s circumstances could also make their incontinence care a little easier for you too.

The choice of product will depend on their level of incontinence, their physical and mental state of health and of course their preferences. If your loved one is more able- bodied, they may need different products for different occasions. For those who need assistance in dressing or have mobility issues, again, the right protection will make all the difference to their comfort and dignity. To understand how TENA can make a real difference, read the TENA advantage.

  • Why TENA is your best choice

    TENA products have been developed to rapidly absorb urine and retain it away from the body for comfort and freshness. This means that you can choose much smaller products than you might expect. Why not see for yourself how liberating it feels to have complete confidence in your protection?

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