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Selecting the right protection for your loved one will depend on both their level of incontinence and whether they are able to put on and remove the products for themselves or whether they require assistance. Here you can browse our full range from light protection through to protection for those who require assistance as well as additional support products to help with incontinence care.

Here you can browse our full range. If you want to narrow down your choices, use our Product Finder to help you do this.

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TENA Comfort

This protection comes in 5 absorbency levels and is designed to be used with washable TENA Fix pants or TENA Fix Cotton Special Pants. They are anatomically designed for comfort and security and the FeelDry™ topsheet ensures long-lasting dryness. A wetness indicator on the outside makes it easy to assess whether changing is required and reducing the need for intrusive checking. However, for those who need assistance with changing, such as those who are bedridden, we think you’ll find Flex the better option as it is easier to change if the wearer is lying down.


A design breakthrough for wearers and carers alike. Easier and quicker to change than traditional products, they are particularly highly rated by carers of patients who are bed-ridded or who require assistance. The unique belted brief is designed to minimise the need for lifting and has been proven to reduce the risk of back strain on carers and makes changing less intrusive for the wearer.

Wearers also appreciate the thin discreet design with FeelDry™ technology for outstanding dryness; the 100% breathable Air-Dry Layer™ backsheet that lets the air circulate preventing dampness on the skin and improving user comfort; the shape that leave the hips and thighs uncovered preventing chafing or sweatiness; and Odour Control™ for total freshness.

TENA Hygiene Sheets

TENA Hygiene Sheets are disposable bed protectors. Larger than a normal under-pad, the sides can be tucked in under the mattress, to stay safely in place. This soft, comfortable, slightly absorbent under-sheet has a thin plastic membrane to protect the mattress from any urine leaks.

TENA Lady Extra


Similar in shape to TENA Lady Normal but with an additional level of absorption for larger urine loss. TENA Lady Extra’s shape has a specific design to ensure a great fit by following your body's natural contours. There’s also a fully breathable outer layer for extra comfort and a double pulp layer for increased absorption, enabling you to enjoy your day with complete confidence.

TENA Lady Extra Plus


TENA Lady Extra Plus is our next level of absorbent protection in the TENA Lady range offering double the absorbency of TENA Lady Extra and is perfect for those who require extra security. It features our unique Dry Fast Core™ and feel good freshness with TENA Odour Control™. There’s also a fully breathable outer layer for extra comfort, while the double pulp layer offers increased absorption, leaving you feeling confident and fresh all day.

TENA Lady Maxi

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