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When it comes to urine loss, no two stories are exactly the same. That’s why reading what other men have to say on the matter is so useful. It’s not just the medical or practical side of their experience that’s interesting, but the human side too.

It’s good to know there are so many people out there leading perfectly normal lives while managing or beating urine loss. However, if any of the stories raises an issue you’d like to respond to, by all means write to us. Then again, you could also add your own stories. Perhaps you can help other men take back control of their lives.

Steve’s story

"I lost my confidence when prostate trouble caused my urine loss. It wasn’t an easy time, but my GP pointed me in the right direction."

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Han’s Story

"Even though I recently became a grandfather for the second time, I’ve never felt old for my age. Reality came crashing down one evening when I realised I had urine loss."

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Jonah’s story

"Sheer embarrassment helped me overcome my denial."

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