Bladder Weakness Protection

Don’t let bladder weakness hold you back

You can’t function properly if you’re worried about leaks and odours, so make sure you’ve got the right male protection for your needs and you can get rid of those worries right away. Then you’ll see there’s absolutely no need to cut back on pleasurable activities like watching a game of football, having picnics with the family or playing golf the whole day long. It is all about using bladder weakness protection that is designed around the male anatomy.

What to look for when choosing bladder weakness protection for men

  • Urine is unpredictable: it can leak in small or large amounts and can spread quickly across clothing, creating damp patches and discomfort; so it’s important to have protection designed for rapid absorption
  • The penis tends to move as you do, so look for a product that fits securely and comfortably around the penis without restricting natural movement
  • If you are out and about it may not always be possible to change your protection immediately, so a product that locks the urine away from the skin is important for comfort
  • For most of us, discretion is key, so that means a slim product with high absorbency and something that prevents any odours.

The right bladder weakness protection can give you all of this so you can enjoy your days out with confidence.

TENA For Men is designed to meet all these needs. To understand the full benefits go to TENA Advantage or to choose the right product for your needs visit the Product Finder.