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We’ve been talking to lots of people in order to create a site that brings lots of useful information and insight. We hope you’ll find it a pleasant place to visit where you can share experiences with others.

The Mission – Just Say YES

There’s a time for caution – and a time for throwing it to the wind.

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'I'd rather admit I can't get it up'

Is there a problem that is more embarrassing for a man to admit to than not being able to get an erection? Many men reckon there is – incontinence.
But, as Danny Farthing reports, far from being the last taboo, this is a wee problem that can usually be treated….

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TENA for Men Level 1: discreet protection for men

Designed specifically for men, this product is cup- shaped to follow the contours of your body for a snug, secure fit and has Odour Control for complete discretion.