The Mission: Just say YES

Of course it is important to be able to say no in times of stress. But this only applies to the boring and pointless stuff. Fun things are a whole other story. That’s a definite yes.
As the hurly-burly pace of everyday life tends to take over these days, many of us have to scurry to manage our lives. We often talk about the urgency of being able to use the word 'no'.

It's true. There is no denying the importance of saying no. If for no other reason, than to enable ourselves to say yes to more than just all of life's must-dos.
You should never have to say no to the fun things in life.
If you stop and consider what you are saying no to, you’ll find it is often something that feels "expendable" and that doesn’t fit into an already jam-packed schedule. Even though these are fun things and precisely what energises us and gets us through the more mundane, everyday must-dos. Activities that brighten our day. Add flair to the week. Recharge our batteries.
We’re willing to go so far as to claim that saying yes could change your life.
A trip with friends? Nothing recharges our batteries like a trip with close friends. You will return with new-shared memories of culture, shopping, food and friends.
A blind date? It could well be Prince Possible you are about to meet. Or Prince Charming. Or even Mister Right.
A promotion? A new job? Well that’s the start of a satisfying career.
A sports car? Driving through a foreign town in a sporty convertible with the wind in your hair definitely has a certain allure. If you can’t afford to buy one, take a showroom model out for a spin.
A new hobby? Preferably one unexpected like skydiving, butterfly hunting, or become an expert on trip-hop (some kind of music…)
The scariest ride at the amusement park? Bring it on.
Your greatest fear? Try to over come it through counselling or by meeting it head-on so that you can then climb any mountain, scale any building or pet any snake.
Travel first class? Fly, sleep and eat first class for 24 hours. It’s an experience of a lifetime.
Skateboarding? Borrow one and ask the teenager next door to teach you some basic moves.
Backpacking? Yes, one trip with no more than just a change of clothes. Enjoy the simple life.
Ballroom dancing? Sign up for a class, learn and spend an evening waltzing to a big band.
Singing? We challenge you to a karaoke bar performance.
Running? Run a marathon, or a half marathon, or a quarter marathon, or just the length of the road. The key is to push your limits.
Don’t be afraid of losing some of your dignity, it’s an overrated virtue anyway. In a worst-case scenario you’ll find yourself with so many more adventures, laughs and experiences. A new job, a husband – who knows.

Focus on the fun things in life. Say no so you have time to say yes to things that first appear expendable but eventually become indispensable simply because they give us so much more energy. Energy that lifts our everyday situation to a brand new level. A happy level.