Practical care and support


Diagnosing and helping patients in primary care

Incontinence and the patient provides useful guidelines to assist in effective assessment and initial management of incontinence. With these, you can give your patients an informed choice of what treatment options are available to address their symptoms. 

Additionally, you can direct patients and caregiving relatives to the appropriate areas on this site: TENA Women, Men and Looking after loved ones. Once there, patients and their relatives can find a great deal of useful information that helps them understand what they can do themselves.


Caring for nursing home residents

Continence care is critical to resident well-being. As such, it is one of the most important tasks performed by nursing home staff. But it is also one of the most time consuming and often one of the most physically demanding.

With the right care, incontinence can be better managed so the resident has more comfort, dignity and independence. And it can also make life easier for nursing staff.

TENA Services can help with training sessions that explore good practice individualised care, based on our working experience from over 20,000 healthcare institutions around the world during the past 40 years. This can help you achieve the following:

Improved resident well-being

Residents get the right care and protection around the clock to maintain their independence, dignity, security and comfort. This enhances their physical comfort, social functioning and psychological wellbeing.

Reduced staff workload

Individualised care helps minimise the workload for nursing staff. It frees up precious time for more rewarding, face-to-face contact with residents – and, of course, for more job satisfaction.

Lower total costs

Finally, individualised care based on accurate resident assessments leads to lower product consumption, less leakage and laundry, and fewer incontinence-related skin conditions. Of course, this means lower total costs for the nursing home.

If you are interested in more detailed information or your own training programme please contact us.