Prescribers - how can we help you?

An ever-growing elderly population means that incontinence is probably taking more and more of your time. And it’s not just the elderly – incontinence can affect patients of all ages. Please know that TENA is ready to help.

I'm not involved in full-time continence care.

Are there services and support for me?

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We can help you prescribe the right products and give good-practice continence care to improve life for patients of all ages, as well as relatives and professional caregivers. For patients living with low and medium incontinence this often means being able to live a normal life with minimal disruption from their bladder condition.

For elderly patients this can mean avoiding a dramatic change in their circumstances. Quite simply, care at home can be made more viable for all involved. And that will ease the strain on budgets at the same time – incontinence is an all too frequent reason for a patient to need full-time residential care. In Balancing Cost & Care, you can see for yourself the potential impact. 

Throughout the rest of the site, you can find valuable tips for working with incontinence and talking with patients including the Café for sharing tips with your colleagues, details of support that covers all aspects of continence care from pregnancy to care assistance, extensive product information, and many other useful resources – everything that can help you in your daily work.