Wherever you work, TENA can be of service

It’s not just about TENA Services for Nursing Homes– we also have a full range of professional services for you even if you’re not involved in full-time incontinence management. If you’re a pharmacist, a GP, a district nurse, or working in home care or in a hospital then we can supply help as well as products.


TENA offers a package of services to support your efforts. Click on the tabs above to find out more.


A full range of marketing activities aimed at consumers and prescribers. Everything from print ads, direct mails and brochures to PR, e-mails and web marketing.

In-store support

This consists of POS materials including displays, leaflets and promotional material. Packaging is designed with the consumer in mind with a discreet look and feel, and easy-to-read instructions for selection and usage.


To help ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, TENA provide the training and the tools to help staff meet each consumer’s needs. Staff can learn how to talk about incontinence and how to give valuable product advice.