Read about other women’s experiences

It is not always easy talking about bladder weakness and so some people can feel quite isolated, particularly if it is a new experience for them. Hearing about other people’s personal stories can be both enlightening and up-lifting. That’s why we are grateful to all the women who have shared their stories with us over the years with a view to helping other women. We have selected a few to share with you here.

We’d like to collect more of these stories so we can show how many women are leading their busy, active lives while successfully managing bladder weakness. If any of the stories raise an issue you’d like to respond to, please <e-mail us> about it, or raise it in the discussion forum. And, if you’d like to tell your own story, please do. We are sure it will be of great help and inspiration to others 

Ellen’s Story

‘I was too ashamed to tell my husband about my bladder weakness. Then I gained some perspective.’

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Kathy’s story

“I’d always thought bladder weakness only happened to old people. Not someone like me – fit, healthy and 35!”

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Mary’s Story

“I tried restricting my fluid intake, but this led to dehydration and headaches. Then I cut out all trips of over ten minutes, which left me feeling isolated.”

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