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One out of three shares the same little secret

You are not alone. You may however often feel that way, since we do not usually talk about bladder weakness. This is unfortunate, since it is something that can be remedied. Read the full article

Working out without breaking a sweat!

15 minutes a day is all it takes. You won’t break a sweat. It isn’t even hard. It is just pleasant and makes your entire body feel good. Read the full article

The Mission: Just say yes!

Of course it is important to be able to say no in times of stress. But fun things are a whole other story. That’s a definite yes. Read the full article

7 out of 10 regain control by exercising

You solve nothing by never laughing again or giving up aerobics. But you can solve plenty by squeezing. Read the full article

Dryness is another word for confidence

If you use a protection that’s not designed for bladder weakness, the risk that it becomes moist is greater and this can effect your skin. A real protection reduces the risk for such problems. Read the full article

Take care of your allies

The human body consists of 400 muscles - they are our allies and so vital. But many of them we don't even know about. And therefore we neglect them. Read the full article

No, you are not old!

Age is not the prominent cause of bladder weakness. It has more to do with how strong your pelvic muscles are. Small changes in your daily life can make a big difference. Read the full article

What is taboo for you?

It seems we can talk about anything in times when anything goes on docusoaps and talk shows. But TV doesn’t reflect reality. We still have a few taboo topics to overcome. Read the full article

What was your magic moment?

It is possible. You just have to dare. And believe. Hope and keep your eyes open. And don’t be afraid to do the unexpected. Read the full article

Hormones set the agenda

Hormones are often cast in the role of "bad guys". But they are also your inner clock, thermostat and scale. Among other things. Read the full article

Squeeze for better sex

An active sex life, alone or together with someone, is also exercise for your pelvic floor. Read the full article

One giant miracle and one tiny surprise

One out of three have trouble controlling their bladder after childbirth. This is perfectly natural. But it is not something many talk about. There is help. Read the full article

Pelvic floor exercises

There are no short cuts, no other exercises. On the other hand, this is a very effective exercise. International studies show that almost 70% who start doing contraction exercises regularly regain total control. Read the full article

There is always someone else

Women are associated through a multitude of similarities. We struggle for equal pay, give birth, suffer from hay fever, go on dates, work and use lipstick. Read the full article

A new bedtime story

Sleep is something we really need. Most of us are aware that sleep is maintenance for the body, a recuperation period. Nonetheless, sleep is the first thing we down prioritise to make time for all our must-dos. Read the full article