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7 out of 10 regain control by exercising

You solve nothing by never laughing again or giving up aerobics
and jogging.
But you can solve plenty by squeezing.

An international survey shows that:
1 out of 3 over the age of 18 experienced stress incontinence last year.

1 out of 5 experienced the identical symptoms between the ages 18 and 29.

Take it easy. It really is no big deal. OK, a little urine trickled out when you overexerted yourself. Maybe you sneezed or laughed out loud. But there is no need to hide from cold germs by isolating yourself. In fact, you don't even have to surround yourself with boring friends to avoid the risk of ever laughing again.

It is easy to give up. To resign yourself to thinking “leaking is just part of getting older. It's downhill all the way from here. Walking chair and blue hair dye. It’s official – I’m old.”

But if you think age is the reason, what will you think when it happens when you are 40? Which is not that uncommon. In fact, 30% of all women have at some time experienced some leakage and half of them are under the age of 55.

Worries it will be visible
It's not uncommon to pretend nothing’s happened. Many women feel uncomfortable and worry it will be visible or noticeable, particularly in social contexts. Many often use regular sanitary products to protect against urine leakage.

"You don't even have to surround yourself with boring friends to avoid the risk of ever laughing again." ”

"Studies indicate that a lot of women do not seek professional help for their condition. They believe that leakage is age related when in fact pregnancy is actually one of the most common causes. If more women got professional help they would find out that 70% with stress incontinence regain control by exercising," says Professor and Physiotherapist Kari Bö, at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, department of Sports Medicine.

Because the fact is pelvic floor muscles are like every other muscle in your body. If you do not use them and exercise, they grow slack and loose their strength and elasticity. Imagine if you never used your arm again. What do you think would happen to your muscle strength?

New study
“We conducted a study in which we asked women with severe leakage problems due to stress incontinence, exercise their pelvic floor muscles three times a day, 8-12 contractions per session, for six months. By the end of the study 70% of all the women could again jump, sneeze and run without leaking. A similar study was conducted in Montreal that revealed the same results,” Professor Bö tells us.

She continues. “We have also found that age is not a factor, everyone can regain control by exercising.”

As many as seven out of ten women overcame their problem by tensing their muscles. They do not need medication and did not have to undergo a surgical procedure.

While exercising your pelvic floor muscles, you might want to use a protection that provides security, discretion and comfort. After all, if it feels dry there is no cause for concern and you can do whatever you choose to do. Only a protection designed for urine leakage can give you that feeling. TENA Lady Mini, is just as thin, but absorbs twice as much and lock wetness four times better than a leading thin sanitary towel.


It was as early as the 1950s when the American physician Arnold Kegel started helping women exercise their vaginal muscles to prevent incontinence. One of his solutions included the contraction exercises, also called Kegel exercises.

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