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Pelvic floor exercises

The principal task of the pelvic floor muscles is to support the entire upper body. This is a particularly tough job since we walk on two legs and gravity works against the muscles.

The first time you even consider how your pelvic floor muscles function is when you feel the first trickling drops.
The first thing to do is to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles through exercise. By squeezing. There are no short cuts, no other exercises. On the other hand, this is a very effective exercise. International studies show that almost 70% who start doing contraction exercises regularly regain total control.

How often
You should exercise at least three times a day. But you do not have to exercise on three different occasions - you can do all your sessions on one occasion. Just make sure you repeat each session three times.

Exercise in private to start so you can really concentrate.

Hold the contraction for 6-8 seconds, rest for an equal amount of time and repeat. Concentrate on holding the contraction for the full count. You can increase the strain by reducing the time you rest. Repeat 8-12 times for each session. Is it too much? Then 4 long contractions are better than 30 short.
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You will actually notice a difference after a few weeks. Contract the muscles when you cough for example, so you feel you really do have better control. To get really good, so you can go running, jump and sneeze without leakage, takes about 4 to 6 months.

But you cannot stop exercising once you have reached your goal. Muscle weakness will recur. You have to keep up your exercises.

Pleasant side effects
Contraction exercises affect your entire lower body, both muscles and nerves, which pleasantly enough increases your ability for sexual pleasure. The contractions caused by an orgasm also strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.


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