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Squeeze for better sex

Talk about a good deed indeed. Well-trained pelvic floor muscles yield a better sex life, which in turn is a good workout for your pelvic floor muscles, which become stronger from exercising, which leads to even better orgasms, which…

Well, you get the picture!

Let’s not beat around the bush. A good sex life is good for both body and soul. The key to this are your pelvic floor muscles. You would not be wrong in calling these muscles the “love muscle”.

Women’s orgasm-producing muscles are located in the pelvic floor region. Their tongue-twisting Latin name is pubococcygeal muscles, or PC muscles for short. They resemble an elastic band that wraps around the pelvic floor, surrounding the vagina and urethra.

Your PC muscles are the same muscles you squeeze when you really have to go to the bathroom and the queue is just so long. This is the muscle you need to exercise if you have trouble with urine leakage, if it sometimes just “overflows”. One third of all women have at some time experienced some dripping when they sneeze or jump.

Power pack with feelings
Your PC muscles aren’t just a power pack, they have feelings, too. Loads of nerve endings make the muscles sensitive to touch and pressure.

Technically speaking, an orgasm is a series of pelvic floor muscle contractions. The intensity of your orgasm depends on how strong these muscles are.

Good orgasms are directly related to how strong and sensitive your pelvic floor is. If you want to achieve good orgasms a good way of doing so is to squeeze!

When you squeeze you not only boost muscle strength, you also increase the flow of blood to the pelvic floor which in turn makes the nerves more sensitive. For example, if you squeeze during foreplay and intercourse you not only have a great workout, you heighten your pleasure.

"An active sex life, alone or together with someone, is also exercise for your pelvic floor." ”

More sensitive and stronger muscles result in more frequent, stronger and longer lasting orgasms.

And it works the other way, too. An active sex life, alone or together with someone, is also exercise for your pelvic floor. This is true since an orgasm is a series of contractions, which in themselves are mini tightening exercises.

After childbirth
Strong PC muscles aren’t just beneficial for orgasms. They also help prevent and stop any possible urine leakage.

It is particularly important to tend to your pelvic floor after childbirth. On the one hand, to promote healing and regain your former vaginal shape and elasticity. On the other hand, so that sex can be as enjoyable again – this is reason enough. All of this can be achieved with contraction exercises.

Start squeezing now. It will affect not only your pelvic floor muscles but your entire body’s wellbeing.

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