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Take care of your allies

The human body consists of 400 muscles - they are our allies and so vital.

But many of them we don't even know about. And therefore we neglect them.

Finally, they tire.

This pretty much sums up the situation for our pelvic muscles. We never give them any thought, since we really don't know anything about them. Until suddenly like a bolt of lightening from a clear sky, you sneeze and…

Oops, a few drops leaked out.

That's the way our muscles tell us: We are tired and quite frankly, overworked. This is not something that happens over night; the condition has been progressing for some time, and one day our muscles simply give in.

Do you spend a lot of time in front of the computer? Maybe you have neck and shoulder pains? It could well be a case of “vulture neck”. This is caused when you jut your jaw forward to see what is on the screen. If the screen is a little high then your uppermost joint can fasten causing “vulture neck”. Not very attractive. And rather painful.

Double chins are great
You can prevent this condition by giving yourself a double chin. Temporarily. Pull your chin in as much as possible, and then relax; repeat a few times daily.

Another forgotten area is the lower back. Stretch your body, relax your shoulders and make sure you have a S-curve in your back. Stand up and stretch regularly.

Lift your own eyebrows
Tension headaches are something that most people suffer from on a regular basis. Stress, poor working positions (much too common – check out your chair, the height of your desk, the distance to and height of your screen), worry and even toothaches are often the culprits. Often times we’re so tense that we don’t even realise – we think it is normal…

"Give your muscles just a little bit of consideration and they will reward you out of gratitude." ”

Make it part of your daily routine to take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Can you see a wrinkle between your eyes? Lift your eyebrows by pulling your forehead upward, and then relax. Not quite the same as BOTOX, but vastly cheaper. Repeat throughout the day. While you’re standing in front of the mirror, stick your tongue out! Do you have an oak-leaf tongue with grooves along the sides? Those are impressions from your teeth caused by pressing your tongue against your teeth – which can result in slight headaches.

Release your scalp
Stress can cause you to tense all your muscles on your head. And that can give you a headache. Place all ten fingers on your scalp and massage. When you can move your skin a few centimetres back and forth over your skull then you have relieved the tension. (If you want to know what the opposite feels like, pull your forehead down into a frown and see if you can move the skin on your skull).

Standing up – making a habit of stretching and regularly tensing and relaxing all the muscles not only does wonders for your muscles but also for your wellbeing. Work through your body, starting from your toes and progressing to the top of your head. Curl your toes, relax, stretch your calf muscles and ankles and relax, contract your pelvic muscles a few times, pull your shoulders up to your ears, relax, make some really intense facial grimaces and massage your skull.

Give your muscles just a little bit of consideration and they will reward you out of gratitude. If on top of this you start exercising, jogging, walking or just taking the stairs instead of the lift, the rewards will multiply. You will achieve a sense of wellbeing for your entire body.

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